Tuesday, August 30, 2016

i'll never tell, tell on myself, but i hope she smells my perfume.

Currently? I am in a Britney state of mind. Her latest album, Glory, dropped last week, and it has been blowing my mind ever since. The more I listen to it...the more I love it. There are so many fantastic tracks. My personal favourites are Man On The Moon, Just Luv Me, Liar, and Just Like Me. Each one is so good. Yes, Britney Spears really knocked it out of the park. It's not just her music that is making me happy these days. Her perfume line also gives me joy. Especially Rocker Femme Fantasy. This is just one of the many fragrances in her collection (and one of the thirteen Fantasy themed fragrances she has released over the years).

My perfume collection is pretty extensive. While I do not own every single Britney Spears perfume....I have quite a few. As many as I can get my  hands on! So when I came across Rocker Femme Fantasy, there was no doubt about it. I needed to have this on my perfume shelf. Turns out? This has become one of my all-time favourite Britney fragrances. To begin with, I absolutely love the bottle. The pink and black colors, the black studs, and that electric pink cap give this bottle a distinct look. It effortlessly blends femininity with a harder edge. It looks fantastic.

As for the scent itself? It is equally amazing. Rocker Femme Fantasy has a bright, energetic smell, with sweet undertones. Everything about it is girly and fun. To me? This is a classic daytime fragrance. You can wear it to the mall, on a lunch date, or throw it in your purse for work. It has this lovely sweetness that isn't overwhelming - and a warmth that makes it feel elegant. This is a perfume that is versatile, pretty, and feminine. And with an affordable price tag (the 100ml bottle cost me $20) it is something you can wear day-to-day.

Perfume is a pretty important part of my life. It inspires me, it makes me happy, and it effortlessly expresses how I feel on any given day. Want to see my full perfume collection? (Britney perfumes included!) Then take a look at a video I posted recently on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. Take a look....

Have you tried this Britney Spears fragrance? What is your perfume collection like?

xo Shannon

Sunday, August 28, 2016

mini essence haul.

What is it about Essence? It is one drugstore brand that I cannot seem to quit. Despite trying to buy less makeup....the lure of new Essence products is impossible for me to resist. Perhaps that explains my recent purchases. It started off innocently enough. While waiting for my ride to show up, I decided to do a bit of browsing. No harm in that. Right? Then I saw it. A display jam packed with new items. Makeup products that were practically begging me to swatch, test, and try.

It should come as no surprise that a few of them came home with me. (Though not nearly as many as I would have liked!) That included the Essence Pure Nude Makeup Natural Finish Foundation in the shade Pure Beige, the Essence Liquid Lipstick in Make a Statement, and the Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss. Why these specific products? Lately I have been on a serious foundation kick. I cannot resist a liquid lipstick - especially an affordable one. And my makeup collection is seriously lacking in lip glosses. So there you have it. A few slightly justifiable purchases!

Are these products hits? Misses? Somewhere in between? Let's take a closer look.

  • Essence Pure Nude Makeup Natural Finish Foundation in Pure Beige. I am always on the hunt for the perfect foundation. It doesn't matter if it is drugstore or high end. I will try anything I can get my hands on! My expectations for this foundation were pretty low. Though I was intrigued by the "no makeup feel" claims on the bottle. Well...this product was actually quite good. It provides a nice light coverage look, doesn't dry out the skin, and has a very natural appearance. This has been perfect for work or if I am heading out to run a few quick errands. It feels comfortable on the skin and is a no-fuss kind of product. Very impressed!
  • Essence Liquid Lipstick in Make a Statement. Liquid lipsticks are my everything lately. I have a handful of shades that I love and adore....but am always searching for more. When I saw the selection of liquid lipsticks in the Essence display there was no doubt about it. One of them was coming home with me. There were a lot of really lovely shades but Make a Statement stood out to me thanks to its sophistication. This berry toned colour will be perfect for fall. This  product is very pigmented, glossy, and has fairly good staying power. (Though it seems more like a super colourful gloss than a liquid lipstick to me.) Overall I am really liking it.
  • Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss. There are few things my makeup collection is lacking. Except when it comes to lip glosses. I only have two or three. Mainly because I am so picky about them. I cannot stand anything sticky on my lips - and so many glosses out there have that tacky finish. The great thing about this gloss? It is moisturizing, doesn't feel sticky, and smells fantastic. I am so happy with it. Finally, I can get that gorgeous glossy look without dealing with awful sticky lips. This has quickly become a favourite. 
Who would have thought? All three of these products exceeded my expectations. Not bad for an impulsive mini haul!

Have you tried any of these Essence items? Which one is your favourite?

xo Shannon

Thursday, August 25, 2016

shoespie fashion high heels boots 2016

Shoes do more than protect your feet. They give you an instant boost of confidence. They make you feel beautiful, strong, and ready to take on the world. Yes, there is something special about finding the perfect pair. Suddenly the world feels brighter and you have a spring in your step. Are you still searching for the ultimate pair of shoes? A pair that is totally head turning? Then you will want to check out the selection over at shoespie. They have so many incredible pairs...you are bound to find the shoe of your dreams!

Honestly? My shoes lately have been less than spectacular. I find myself reaching for my beat up pair of Toms or my sparkly flats (that are becoming less sparkly by the minute). I am in a bit of a shoe rut. Which is why I am loving the high heel boots over at shoespie. They are gorgeous! I love all of the beautiful designs, colours, and patterns there are to choose from. Not to mention the stunning details that make each and every shoe spectacular. If you have been dreaming of ladies highheels or lace up high heels, then stop dreaming and start shopping.

After doing a bit of browsing....I have come up with my top three pairs. Be sure to let me know which shoes you like best!

There is nothing like a good pair of shoes. Especially a pair of high heel boots. They are the perfect way to make yourself feel good.

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw...."I'm not afraid of heights. Have you seen my shoes?" 

What do you think of these boots? Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

xo Shannon

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

concert review: wave reunion in niagara falls

Wave hits the stage for their first full show together in fourteen years.

Everyone has that band. The one you listened to constantly and think back on fondly. For me? That band is Wave. For those of you who don't know...they were a Canadian duo from the early 2000s. My obsession was real. I spent most of my high school days doodling their names on my notebook, listening to their music, and going to their shows in Toronto. By the end of their run, I had seen them at least a dozen times. I would go to concerts, mall appearances, television tapings, and everything in between. Seeing them brought me joy. Turns out? It still does.

Wave got back together for a one-off show in their hometown of Niagara Falls. They were the headliners for the second day of the Niagara Falls Beer Festival. Since Wave is a massively important part of my history (I used to draw pictures of them and even ran my own Wave fan website. Oh, memories!) there was no doubt in my mind. I needed to be there. And so the begging began. I immediately phoned my parents and asked them to take me. Why? They used to take me to see Wave back when I was in high school. It was a blast from the past in the best possible way. 

Me before the Wave concert. I went with lots of liquid liner and a smile! 

When we got to the Beer Festival it was not quite what I expected. There were a few people walking around. A few more sitting and drinking. The streets were lined with a few beer taps and food trucks. Then there was a large stage in the middle of a grassy area. This was it? The place of the Wave reunion? Despite the so-so locale.....I was nervous. Anxious. Excited. After all, it had been fourteen years since I last saw them perform. So we grabbed a seat and waited. I could see Dave and Paul milling around before the show. They were talking to family members....then sound people....there wasn't a chance for me to approach. Not that it mattered anyway. I was completely terrified. It was like stepping back in time. I was fourteen years old all over again. Totally in awe of the band that I loved so much. 

Before long they were on stage. The fans went up to the front of the stage and everyone else stayed behind in lawn chairs. With my front row spot....I was in my glory. They sounded even better than I remembered. And they had an incredible set list. It wasn't just full of singles. They played album songs. Songs that had been a part of my life since 2001. The best part? The fact that they played my absolute favourite song, So High. (The one song that Dave sang lead on. Therefore a must listen.) They also played my favourite song from the first album, Until The Record Breaks. It was a seriously stellar set list. 

Dave Thomson rocking out at the Wave reunion show.

I loved singing along to every single song. It is amazing that even after all these years.....I still have all the lyrics committed to memory. They mean something to  me. They matter. The only way the show would have been better? If the crowd had been a little more enthusiastic. There were a few fans there but it was mostly casual listeners, family, and friends. I definitely miss the days of lining up hours beforehand only to get a third or fourth row spot. (What a weird thing to write!) At any rate, the performance itself was wonderful. I was on cloud nine. I felt free and happy. It was one of the best experiences I have had in a long while. Yes, it was an hour and a half of pure bliss. 

There was a little disappointment after the show ended. My mom was not feeling the Beer Festival and demanded that we leave immediately. So I left, disappointed, without meeting Wave. I don't know what I would have said to them exactly. Maybe I would have gushed. Or played it cool. Or maybe I would have made an absolute fool of myself. Who knows? I just wanted the chance to find out. But it was just like my high school days all over again. My parents set the rules. 

Overall though, it was a great experience. While I wish it had ended on a better note....it was still an incredible day. Seeing Wave perform was a dream I had long given up on. The concert gave me the chance to go back in time a little bit. To reminisce. To re-discover my happy place. I will never forget it.

xo Shannon

Sunday, August 21, 2016

score stunning summer style with Stylewe.

It is hard to believe. The summer months have been going by so quickly. We are already halfway through August and the fall season is looming like a dark rain cloud in the sky. I don't know why it is so hard to let go of summer. Perhaps it stems back to my school days. The end of summer meant the return of pencils, books, and classrooms. Even though that is no longer my reality...there is still something bittersweet about the last days of summer.

Thankfully, summer style is here to stay. There are still plenty of opportunities to wear gorgeous seasonal outfits. From backyard barbecues to outdoor concerts, days at the mall, and everything in between. (I am already thinking about what I will wear to the CNE.) I plan on making the most of every single opportunity to dress well. Guess what? You can, too. There are plenty of stunning pieces to choose from over at www.stylewe.com

Their selection of Summer Dresses is spectacular. Talk about variety! There are dresses for special occasions, dresses for girls night out, dresses for daytime, and well, anything else you can imagine. As far as I am concerned? Nothing is better than a gorgeous dress on a beautiful summer day. You can get inspired by checking out the gorgeous designs on the Stylewe Pinterest page at: https://www.pinterest.com/stylewe/ Or you can check out a couple of my favourite summer pieces below. I have chosen ones that made me smile - and screamed summer style!

Summer is a magical time. It is full of sunshine, special events, and of course, amazing style. To find out more about Stylewe be sure to head to their website. Or you can check out their Twitter page at: https://twitter.com/stylewe

Which dress is your favourite? What do you love most about summer style?

xo Shannon

Friday, August 19, 2016

new in: forever 21 accessories

Khloe Kardashian rocking a nineties inspired choker.  

Honestly? I was a little hesitant to get on board with the choker necklace trend. There is one simple reason for this. I have been there done that. Back in my elementary school days....everyone wore chokers. They were plastic and stretchy and an absolute must have accessory. I remember feeling so cool whenever I put on my black plastic choker. It even had a ying yang symbol hanging off of it. (Remember, this was a very long time ago. Long enough ago that ying yang symbols were also the epitome of cool.) Unfortunately? I do not have particularly fond memories of my time in elementary school. I was bullied, teased, and torn down every single day. Not exactly a time and place I like to think back on frequently!

So when I saw the resurgence of choker necklaces....I was suddenly transported back to those days of yore. It was not a pleasant experience. Which is why I was so willing to forgo the trend altogether. Until a recent shopping excursion. I was perusing the wall of accessories over at Forever 21. Then I saw it. The most beautiful pair of choker necklaces ever. They immediately caught my eye.

My new favourite accessories. Choker necklaces from Forever 21.

Talk about gorgeous. What do I love about these necklaces? What makes them so special? These were no ordinary necklaces. And they certainly weren't made of cheap plastic. The combination of the two pieces together is unexpected and bold....and the fact that they can be worn separately as well is an added bonus. I love the velvet band on the first choker. It is reminiscent of the 90s but the pendant gives it a great modern twist. Then there is the second necklace. That pendant just called to me. I love the unique design and the combination of shapes and details. It is a stunning piece that simply begs to be worn.

Yes. I was hesitant about the choker trend. At first it brought back not so fond memories. Now? I have fallen in love with a couple of gorgeous accessories from Forever 21. They are beautiful enough to make me re-think my no-choker stance,

What do you think of these pieces? Have you embraced this trend?

xo Shannon

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

YouTube: Niagara Falls Outlet Haul

Niagara Falls. It is a place I did not expect to be more than once this summer. You might remember my post from a little while back about my time there. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here. It was a wonderful experience full of music, sightseeing, and shopping. (I will discuss the latter a little later on in this post!) The last thing I anticipated? Heading back to Niagara Falls again this summer. But it seems that circumstances are drawing me back to the magic and mist.

When I was in high school....a long long time ago...there was a band that I absolutely loved. And still do! They were called Wave and they were fantastic. I remember my Dad taking me to see them over and over again. We saw them at malls, at TV show tapings, concert venues, and everywhere in between. So when they announced their one-off reunion show in Niagara Falls? I simply had to be there. The moment I found out, I called my Dad in a panic and begged him to take me.

It was back to Niagara Falls for me. That is actually how I spent this past weekend. (There will definitely be a post about that experience later on this week. Look out for it!) Since Niagara Falls is on my mind lately....I decided to film a special video for my YouTube channel. It is a haul of the items I picked up during my last visit. My husband and I went to two different outlet malls. Which is always a dangerous thing to do as a shopaholic. We went to a lot of great stores, like Guess, Bath & Bodyworks, and Hot Topic. To name a few!

Want to see what came home with me? And to check out the special souvenir we made? Then be sure to watch my latest video on the creation of beauty is art. 

Shopping is always a lot of fun. So is travelling. If only every day could be full of both!

What did you think of this haul? Have you travelled recently?

xo Shannon